5 Ways CMMS Software Cuts Your Maintenance Costs

Attention! Your facility has a serious leak that must be repaired immediately.

Okay, perhaps it’s not a leak from a pipe or chemicals but chances are your maintenance department has experienced this leak before. The serious leak we mean is the one in your maintenance budget. It often appears as a reactive repair, a misplaced spare part, or the time you spent on having to create that maintenance report. Inefficient practices such as these leak valuable resources from your maintenance department; costing you more money and using less time efficiently.

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The 17 Most Impactfull Trends In CMMS Software in 2016

CMMS software vendors do their best to ensure their products keep up with the latest trends in management and computing. The latest versions are less limited compared to previous editions and can be easily modified for multiple industries. The systems can be used both for facility management and maintenance management, and have other utility that impacts decisions and data management. In this article, we summarize the most important trends of 2016 that are having a big impact on the continuing evolution of CMMS software.

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11 Ways CMMS Software Will Save Your Business Money – {Infographic}


There are many benefits of using a CMMS software solution (you can read more here and here) from increased efficiency to overall facility productivity. But perhaps one of the most important benefits is the one that it provides to your business’ bottom line.

Below is an infographic of 11 reasons why a CMMS solution will help save your business money. If you like what you see and think that your organization or facility could benefit from implememting a CMMS software solution, please get in touch with us to schedule a demo or talk to a service representative.

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4 Ways Asset Management Saves Your Organization Money

Efficient management of your assets and equipment has become an essential component to a comprehensive maintenance management system. In a recent study, 33% of facility managers were extremely interested in utilizing an asset and equipment module, while 73% were specifically looking for simple asset, equipment, and inventory tracking. Although traditional CMMS systems were designed to manage the creation and tracking of work orders, asset management is now equally as important as digital work order management. Instead of thinking about these modules as separate features however, it’s important to understand that both play a fundamental role in streamlined maintenance management and are often presented as an integrated solution.

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Hippo CMMS Software Solutions

What is CMMS and Why do You Need It?

CMMS, stands for “computerized maintenance management system” and is a software that is used by facility managers and maintenance managers around the world to streamline their maintenance and facility management and make their business more efficient.

By having all maintenance and facility management work orders, inventory lists, and other important information all in one place, CMMS software is able to save maintenance managers the headache and embarrassment of running out of something or not ordering replacement parts in time. CMMS also cuts labor costs by eliminating the need for manual checks.

If you run a large facility whether it be a university, hotel, hospital or even a church, it would be wise to invest in a maintenance management solution.

What is Preventive Maintenance Software?

To prevent facilities from running out of key products or inventory, preventive maintenance software helps manage work orders so that it warns you when you are ever running low on something and even puts in the work order for you.

Learn more about preventive maintenance here or by reading this blog post.

Why Hippo CMMS?

Hippo CMMS is a web based, user friendly CMMS provider working with a variety of industries from around the world. From hotels, to hospitals, to schools and even local government municipalities.

Hippo has outstanding customer support and works in tandem with our clients to come up with most suitable maintenance management solution for your business and your needs. Read more about Hippo CMMS here or check out our aboutus.com page and our about.me page.